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Mom Is Booted From Water Park Because All The Men Can’t Stop Staring

Not Today

It had begun as an innocent family outing, but she could never have imagined that it would end in such unfairness, humiliation, and rage. But it wasn’t the obnoxious children splashing and dunking each other a foot away from her, nor the overpriced food and tickets at the waterpark that set her off. Apparently, some people just couldn’t stand the fact that all the men were staring at her.

She hadn’t been in the water for five minutes before the spiteful girls had singled her out. And she wasn’t going to stand for it.

Madelyn Scheaffer

Madelyn Scheaffer from Odessa, Missouri, was a dedicated mother who did everything she could to make sure her family was taken care of. But, when she reached her mid-30s, something happened that paved the way to a realization that had shattered her world.

And now, seven years later, these nasty teenagers at the waterpark were trying to undo all her hard work.

Feeling Brave

It had all begun on one particularly hot day. Madelyn had decided to do something she would never have dreamed of doing before. She took the long-forgotten swimming costume out from its box and tried it on. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror — it fitted perfectly!

But she never expected the day to end with shame and an epic battle for her rights.

Being Watched

Now, Madelyn was a tall and curvy woman, but she didn’t see anything wrong with her bikini as she tied it up and pulled her dress down over it. She gathered her family up for a surprise outing to Adventure Oasis Water Park to cool off.

But when she walked to the pool and pulled her dress over her head, she became aware of all the eyes burning a hole into her back.

Turning Heads

Feeling a bit self-conscious, Madelyn sat down again and covered herself with a towel. She looked around and made a note of all the scantily-clad bodies all around her. But the men in the water park were all staring at her, too.

Out of her comfort zone but determined to enjoy herself, she cracked her warmest smile at the two teenage employees who were giving her the side-eye. When they smirked back at her, she couldn’t have guessed that the police would soon be involved.

Into The Water

Madelyn mentally prepared herself and dropped her towel again. Looking around, she sat down and slid into the cool water. She closed her eyes and focused on the sensation of the cool water swirling around her and began to relax.

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