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The Rock’s daughter, Simone Johnson, is a monster in the gym like her dad and is a top recruit at WWE’s Performance Center

The Rock, despite being 49 years old, is an absolute goliath when it comes to the gym.

The WWE legend and Hollywood sensation stands just under six-foot-five and has muscles upon muscles.

The man basically lives in the gym and despite his busy schedule he makes sure to take his mobile gym, the Iron Paradise, with him everywhere.

Simone Johnson become be the first fourth-generation fighter in the sport’s history

His daughter, Simone Johnson, is currently signed to WWE and according to a recent report from the Wrestling Observer, it seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to work ethic.

Johnson, still 19, signed with WWE back in May 2020 after training at the Performance Center for three months. 

Simone was the most-improved developmental talent in squats for a period of January – May of this year, according to Wrestling Observer Radio.

It was noted that she was the second most-improved in squats for January to May with the recently released Skyler Story (Brandi Lauren Pawalek, Ava Storie) the actual winner.

Johnson has high expectations to meet but has started off incredibly well

It’s even more impressive because Johnson underwent knee surgery back in September and it was the third time she’s been under the knife for her knees.

Evidently, the potentially first-ever fourth generation star wasted no time getting back to it in the gym.

She is yet to make her NXT debut, but  It was recently reported that Simone filmed some kind of footage with Zelina Vega at WWE’s Performance Center, believed to be linked to Vega’s return to the company after departing last October.

Interestingly, Johnson is working under the direction of her dad’s old rival Triple H at the Performance Center and NXT.

The Rock has paid a visit to the center to watch her train and lend his advice since she started with WWE.

The Rock has been to WWE’s PC to help his daughter Simone

Given The Rock is a 10-time world champion, one of the best promos in the history of professional wrestling and arguably the biggest star to ever come out of it, Simone has some lofty shoes to fill and the expectations are naturally going to be massive.

Still, she can make her own lane in wrestling and several performers have succeeded with a large shadow cast over them by their parents, her dad included.

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