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'AGT' Winner Darci Lynne On Her Life In The Spotlight

This is the interview we've wanted to do since we first saw young Darci Lynne cross the America's Got Talent stage with Petunia and annihilate the competition. Here is a rare interview of now AGT winner Darci Lynne!

Darci Lynne sat down from Nashville, where she's getting ready to start her national tour, and talked to Talent Recap's own Jason Ginsburg.

Darci Juggling School and New Found Fame

Jason asked her what we are all wondering: How does she juggle school and being a kid with her newfound fame? How is she touring and still making time to learn algebra or whatever? He also asked her about the Las Vegas shows, singing in different styles with different puppet friends, and about what she'd do if she wasn't a ventriloquist singer.  

Talentino and Petunia Finally Meet!

This is all a prelude, of course, to have Talentino interview none other than Petunia herself. This is his dream come true. Like, for serious. I had to give him a Valium after the show.

Her victory also got her a lot of back lash from fans who were rooting for their beloved Angelica Hale.

Angelica Hale is young singer and runner up who shared her story of surviving bacterial pneumonia and receiving a kidney transplant from her mother. Recently Angelica returned for , and became the first act to receive two  Golden Buzzers. She made it to the finals, but once again lost out on the title. However, we know there's a bright future ahead for Angelica Hale.

Although fans knew it would come down to these talented, amazing and incredible women, Darci faced a lot of backlash post her win. We wish her nothing but love and are rooting for both these ladies to succeed!

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