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Claire Crosby And Darci Lynne Steal Everyone's Heart With Adorable Duet

Do you remember Claire Crosby, the adorable little girl who made hearts melt whenever she sang Disney theme songs with her father, Dave? She's back again with another charming adventure when she performed with none other than the amazingly talented ventriloquist, singer and grand winner of America's Got Talent Season Twelve, Darci Lynne!

In the Crosby family's YouTube channel, The Crosbys, Dave shared Claire's extraordinary opportunity to perform live with Darci Lynne as she went to Seattle as part of her tour. Dave admits to being a fan of the talented teenager and is just so happy that they were given a chance to have a video with Darci Lynne on stage and backstage!

Sweet little Claire was in for quite a surprise.

Six-year-old Claire, on the other hand, did not know that they were going to see Darci Lynne's show that day and was quite curious as to why her dad was making a sock puppet. It all came clear when Dave finally let her in on the secret and off they all went to see the show. The whole gang will be watching, even the baby.

When they reached the venue, the family was quite pleasantly surprised because Darci Lynne herself opened the door for them. She knew about Claire and Dave's viral videos and was equally excited to see the Crosby family and to sing with the little girl later on in her show.

However, it seemed like one little guy who was about to celebrate his "four and a half birthday" the next day was the most excited of them all. Carson was gushing about his celebration and could not stop talking about it. Darci Lynne even wished him a "happy half birthday".

Everyone was having such a nice time together. Claire even made a video with Darci Lynne and her puppet, Petunia, to introduce her two new friends and to tell everybody that she got invited to sing with them that night! Claire and Petunia were having a lovely talk and let me just say that they all look so adorable together!

Claire even gets to meet Petunia, the sassy puppet with a great sense of humor.

Since it was too early for the show, Claire and David went for a few moments outside to wait for it to start. Claire was set to sing the song "You've Got A Friend In Me" with Darci Lynne and her sassy bunny puppet, Petunia. She couldn't be more excited for the puppet show!

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