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Watch Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Tia Hilariously Attempt to "Clean" His Muscles

He has starred in numerous blockbusters over the past few years, including Hobbs And Shaw, Skyscraper and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

And on Sunday, Dwayne Johnson showed a much more intimate side of himself as he shared a video on Instagram showing him playing with his youngest daughter Tiana, aged two.

The father-daughter duo were seen having some fun with some plush toys that had been laying around the house and an orange face mask that Tiana had found.

The former pro wrestler was seen wearing a pair of grey sweatpants along with a matching t-shirt that allowed him to show off his impressively sculpted arms.

His daughter was dressed in a pair of purple pants and festive socks underneath a magenta sweater.

At the beginning of the video, Tiana handed her dad a feline plushie, to which he asked her: 'I can snuggle my kitty cat?'

His daughter responded positively and reminded her dad that the specific toy that she had given him was his favorite; when he asked to be reminded about the toy's name, Tiana responded: 'Pupples,' much to her father's amusement.

She then proceeded to place an orange sleeping mask over Johnson's eyes and instructed him that he had to keep the covering in place for twenty minutes, amusing her father.

Tiana then began brushing her dad's upper left bicep with a toy and stated that she needed to clean his muscles to get rid of what she referred to as the: 'germies.'

Johnson got a quick quip in at the end of the video, stating that: 'Usually I like mommy to clean my muscles.'  

The Fast And Furious actor wrote a doting message in the caption for the video, beginning with: 'Just love that regardless of how busy we all may be - moments like this makes time slow down to a crawl...Hey, I’ll take it.' 

He continued: 'So kind of baby Tia to give me my favorite kitty kat, “Pupples” to snuggle...Enjoy your Sunday, my friends!' 

Tiana is the entertainer's second daughter with his wife Lauren Hashian, as they have an older child named Jasmine, aged five.

He also shares a daughter named Simone, aged 19, with former wife and current business partner Dany Garcia. 

In an interview with Fatherly, the actor spoke about the differences in raising his younger children as compared to his experience with his oldest daughter, whom he brought up as his career was developing.

'I was making a transition to Hollywood, trying to be the best husband and best dad I could be as a brand-new father. Now, being in my 40s, I’ve lived a little bit of life. I hope I’m a little wiser. It allows me to be a greater dad,' said Johnson.

The Central Intelligence actor also discussed the combination of words and occurrences that him and his wife have determined were most effective in keeping their children humble. 

He noted: 'What we have found is constant dialogue and constant reminding of what they have to be appreciative of, and our own actions. As you raise babies and kids and teenagers, you can say the words. It’s the actions they pay attention to.' 

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