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Meet Stanley, The Adorable Golden Retriever Born With A Tiny Mohawk

Stanley is a sweet and loving Golden Retriever with a rockin’ hairdo.

The charming pup was born with an adorable mohawk and even now, years later, he’s still sporting his signature look.

The mohawk first became noticeable when Stanley was about three weeks of age. It then briefly faded and was nearly gone by the time he was two months.

Stanley’s family assumed that the little mohawk was gone for good, but then, the mohawk suddenly returned.

Now, Stanley is all grown up and the mohawk is still going strong. It’s constantly catching peoples attention and Stanley is very proud of his unique style and loves flaunting it on his Instagram.

Stanley has had his mohawk nearly all his life.

His family first spotted his funky hairdo when he was just 3 weeks old.

And though it briefly disappeared while he was still a little puppy…

….it soon came back and he’s never lost it again.

People are constantly amazed by Stanley’s hair and some even think it’s been styled.

But it is completely au natural. No gel needed!

Not even water can keep the mohawk down.

And that’s totally okay. Because Stanley and his family love his special look.

He’s beautiful just the way he is.

And he’ll keep rocking that mohawk with pride!

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