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Take A Peek: 25 Pics Of The Rock And His Lavish Lifestyle

Let's take a peek into how The Rock is living and what he spends his millions on!

The Rock is known as a lot of things. The People’s Champion, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and of course, he is now known as one of the most successful actors in the world. His movies gross millions of dollars, and his bank account does the same, as The Rock, known by his real name now, Dwayne Johnson, is such a sought after Hollywood megastar that he has found himself more often than not on the top of the list of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

It has helped him live a very comfortable living to say the least, and while The Rock remains one of the most humble and hungry actors in the world, he definitely lives a life of luxury. His lavish car collection, his luxury homes and the ability to drop millions of dollars on family members to buy them expensive gifts is proof that The Rock has made it to the top, but that he also lives a life many people would dream to have. He would say that you just need to work hard and push through adversity, and if you do, you too could be living the lavish lifestyle The Rock does today. Here is just a small look into The Rock’s lavish lifestyle.

25 He Is A Car Collector

Dwayne Johnson has turned into one of the most wanted men in Hollywood which has really helped his lavish lifestyle and his car collection. According to CNBC, The Rock earns $900,000 per episode he films for his television show ‘Ballers’, meaning every season he is earning a cool $9 million. And that’s just the tip of what The Rock makes, as add on his movie roles and all the other ventures, it’s no wonder he lives that lavish life with some of the fastest cars.

24He Always Wears A Custom Suit

On the show Ballers, The Rock’s character is known for telling people multiple times that his suits are custom made. If you see The Rock in real life, you definitely know he isn’t getting his suits off the rack, as first off, he’s a multi-millionaire and he can afford to have them made for him and I think it would be extremely hard to find a suit that fits his massive frame, as The Rock is big into weight lifting and it would be hard to find clothing that fits without special alterations being made.

23Rich Get Richer, Hosting TV Game Shows

What happens when you’re a celebrity in high demand? Everyone tries to cash in on your fame and get their piece of the pie. That’s how The Rock, who was a WWE superstar, movie star, and TV star has now become a game show host. This year, The Rock began hosting the Titan Games, which is a sports competition on NBC. At least they got the right host for it, as The Rock is all about fitness and sports entertainment, so it was a perfect pairing so to say, and just adds more to the Rock's bottom line.

22Orange Car

One of the newest cars in The Rock’s collection is the 2018 Ford Mustang in a bright orange color. Actually, this car doesn’t belong to The Rock at all, but rather Marlene Rodriguez, a veteran whom Dwayne Johnson gave the car to. That’s the kind of pull he has these days, as he was brought on to be the spokesman for Ford and in turn, gave a luxury car to someone who deserves it. The Rock can buy his own cars, which he has done plenty of, so it’s nice to see him pass on that lavish lifestyle to others.

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