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Cinema Worker Reveals What They Can See When The Lights Go Out

Have you ever tried to sneak in a cheeky snack, or do the yawn and arm round the shoulder?

Well, it turns out, the eye in the sky can see everything.

A Vue cinema worker has gone viral on TikTok (@no1headache) after sharing a glimpse at CCTV footage than can be seen across all theatres, suggesting that nothing goes unnoticed, including sex.

The woman, who's Instagram handle is @mya.ahg, says: "When people come to the cinema with their sneaky link to do the nasty."

The member of staff then explains how the team have access to 'night vision goggles' and that they have 'seen it all'.

LADbible has contacted Vue Cinema for comment.

She uploaded the viral vid five days ago and has already racked up 16.9 million views with almost three million likes.

Users were as quick as ever to make it the comments section, and their responses were brilliant.

Credit: TikTok/@no1headache

"I'm more scared about them knowing I take my own food in there," one user wrote.

Another joked: "So y'all see me take my whole fridge outta my bag."

"Lmaoo you tellin me the time I snuck in a large pizza they been watching me eat," a third added.

Someone else commented: "I bet y'all enjoyed my movie then."

"Now yall gon see two movies," a final user concluded.

Maybe you'll think twice before grabbing some Smarties out of your trench coat next time you're at the movies.

One thing you should watch out for, if you actually pay for your popcorn, is that the different portion sizes are said to be inaccurate.

That's according to TikToker, Max Klymenko, who says the reason 'you're not supposed to pick' medium popcorn is because it's a 'marketing trick' to drive sales to a large one, which is called 'decoy pricing'.

Credit: TikTok/@maxklymenko

Max says in the video: "In most cinemas you've got three size options - small, medium and large.

"In reality this is a marketing trick because the medium popcorn is just driving sales to the large one, this is called decoy pricing."

The Decoy Effect is when a third option is designed to push consumers to pick a more expensive choice.

So if the large popcorn is just 50p more than the medium, cinemagoers are likely to opt for the large - nudging more people towards the more expensive option where they might otherwise have opted for a small.

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