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60-Year-Old Ventriloquist Wants To Be The Next Darci Lynne on America's Got Talent

One of the most interesting acts coming up on America's Got Talent Season 16 is ventriloquist Charley Loffredo. Not only does Loffredo perform ventriloquism, he also dresses in drag while doing it.

On his Instagram, Loffredo describes himself as an "accountant by day" and a "ventriloquist by night." He also writes in his bio that he's "proudly representing the LGBTQV community."

Who is 'AGT' Ventriloquist Charley Loffredo?

Loffredo's Instagram is full of fun videos in which he coordinates his style with that of his puppet's, He often impersonates celebrities or a fictional characters, and usually in drag. The ventriloquist has been Britney Spears, Dorothy from , and Madonna.

The performer clearly puts a lot of work into his costumes and the styling of his puppets. He's performed songs such as "Oops!…I Did It Again" and "Time Warp" from , as well as parody songs about the COVID-19 vaccine and how terrible 2020 was.

Loffredo also has a YouTube channel where he's been posting ventriloquism videos for a couple of years now. He recently teased his upcoming  appearance on Instagram. Based on images from Tuesday's show, it looks like Loffredo will be doing an '80s-inspired routine.

How Does Loffredo Compare to Darci Lynne?

Since Loffredo is a ventriloquist, the natural thing to do is compare him to Darci Lynne Farmer, the young ventriloquist who won Season 12 of the show. The judges were blown away by Darci Lynne's first audition on the show back in 2017, but we're not yet sure how they'll respond to Loffredo.

While he definitely has the style and personality to captivate an audience, he doesn't have the same singing chops as Darci Lynne. Based on his videos, his ventriloquism skills are also a bit inconsistent. In some clips, he shows pretty obvious mouth movements when doing his puppets' voices.

That said, the judges aren't totally against silly and imperfect acts as long as the performances make them smile. They even recently gave notoriously weird, repeat auditionee Sethwarda chance at the next round this season. If Loffredo shows off a fun and polished routine, maybe the judges will give him a shot.

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