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Mom Gives Birth To Triplets. Doctor Freezes When He Sees Faces, Says Odds Are 1 In 200 Million

Becki-Jo Allen and her young daughter Indiana lived a safe, quiet and comfortable life in England.

One day, however, Becki-Jo began to feel nauseous and suspected she might have fallen pregnant again.

It turned out she was indeed expecting … expecting triplets! When the time came to deliver them, however, a surprise even bigger than that announcement was to come. What happened was so rare that the chances of it occurring stand as high as 200 million to 1.

Becki-Jo and her daughter Indiana live just outside the city of Liverpool, England. Their life was a calm one, until one day Becki-Jo began to suspect something was happening inside her body. It started when she began to suffer from nausea.

Becki-Jo told the Liverpool Echo: “I had been being very sick and had a really bad headache so I booked an early scan and that was when I found out I was expecting triplets. It was the biggest shock of my life! “We haven’t got any triplets in the family so it came completely out of the blue.”

The mom was understandably shocked, but delighted with the news. Indiana was to be the big sister to three! Becki-Jo received plenty of support from loved ones and went about trying to mentally prepare herself for the task of bringing three children into the world.

In week 31 of her pregnancy, however, Becki-Jo was rushed to hospital with complications. There, she delivered her triplets via Caesarean section. Due to the premature nature of their births, they were extremely small.

The smallest of them, Rocco, weighed just 3,3lbs. His brothers were only slightly heavier.

As a result of their size, all three had to spend six weeks in intensive care.

Pregnancies involving triplets are fraught with risk, and it’s rare that all three foetuses survive.

However, Becki-Jo’s three turned out to be fighters. They all recovered, steadily gained weight and became stronger with each passing day.

Then, after almost one and a half months in hospital, the boys were able to go home.

Now, Becki-Jo herself was convinced her boys weren’t identical, even though she had trouble telling them apart.

But as they grew people continued to struggle to know which one was which. Strangers would stop Becki-Jo in the street just to ask!

So the mom decided to investigate the matter further, contacting a lab that helped to perform DNA tests on the three brothers.

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