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Woman goes to hospital to give birth to triplets,doctors reveal she was never pregnant

A Shocking Secret

Paul Servat stood in the hospital waiting room with a frown on his usually happy face. His girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue, had been in the delivery chamber for too long. He knew that this was a unique pregnancy, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible had happened.

Eventually, the doctor emerged, but there were no babies in his arms. Paul and his family stared at the medical staff, unable to understand what was happening. The doctor shook his head and motioned for Paul to join him privately, but the expectant father wasn't prepared for the news he was about to receive.

Multiple Births

During the pregnancy, Paul and Barbara found out that they weren't going to have one baby but three. There were some initial concerns, but the couple was delighted to have such a large family. 

The delivery day came a few weeks early, but Paul and Barbara knew this was normal according to the books on multiple birth pregnancies they had read. However, Paul was soon told that this was no ordinary pregnancy and his babies would pay the ultimate price.

Devastating News

Paul was devastated to hear the news. He was convinced the doctors made a mistake. It didn't make any sense. And the only person who could explain things was still in the operating room. Paul refused to accept what the doctor was saying. He would find out the truth for himself.

The hospital staff understood Paul's frustration and tried to show him the test results. There it was—proof that the person he loved with all his heart had lied to him. But the doctor wasn't sure if Barbara was aware of what she'd done.

Fateful Words

In an instant, the atmosphere in the hospital turned cold. This was the worst news anyone could receive. Paul and his family still couldn't believe what was happening. All around them were happy parents holding their newborns, but they were experiencing a tragedy that was so confusing.

The doctors admitted that it wasn't the first time this occurred. Paul couldn't understand how no one had mentioned anything until now. The happiest day of his life soon turned into one he wanted to forget, but there was no escaping these fateful words ...

The Truth

The doctor told Paul that he wouldn't be taking home any babies that day. It was heartbreaking for the Servat family, but instead of sadness, they only felt confusion. It seemed impossible that what the nurses and doctors were saying was true.

Paul had been with Barbara this whole time, and even though the tests proved otherwise, he had to believe in his girlfriend. Someone must've made a mistake. The doctors sympathized with Paul and began to ask him a few questions. As he answered them, he realized they might be correct about Barbara.

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