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California cop drags college student out of a car by her hair,subdues her on the ground with other 4 cops

What started as a fun day out with friends, ended with a violent arrest, caught on cell phone camera, with five officers trying to subdue a 20 year-old woman.

Samantha Luna, 20,  of Arcata, California posted five videos on Facebook that document her run-in with Humboldt State University police officers on June 17.   In the account she posts with the video she says that she and her friends were initially stopped 'for my friend sticking her head out of the sun roof.'

What the University says follows was the arrest of the person, a minor whose name was not released, 'on suspicion of providing false identification to a peace officer, public intoxication, and battery on a peace officer.'

From there you can see on the video that the situation escalates rapidly.  As Samantha, sitting in the passenger seat asks for information on how to get the younger passenger out of jail, she says to the officer, Sargent Janelle Jackson, 'why are you being so rude?'

'Seriously? You're about two seconds from going to jail for public intoxication. Do you not understand that? So I would stop talking if I were you,' is Jackson's response.

Parts of the conversation happen when the camera isn't rolling, but on camera, the argument that leads to the violent arrest starts with the officer trying to get Samantha's full legal name, which is Alonso Luna, although she prefers to go by Luna. 

She is seen on the video telling Jackson that she has two last names because she is Mexican.  Jackson says, 'what's on your license?'

'Alonso Luna,' is the response.  And Jackson says 'that's what you should have told me.' 

After that argument, the officer grabs her and says,  "You're going to jail," ash she tries to pull her out of the car.  Luna screams to a friend 'get it on video, get it on video' as the camera rolls.

Another officer joins as the two try to handcuff her.  As the altercation goes on,  Luna apparently grabs the officer by the hair, the second officer repeatedly telling her to let go. 

In the third video Samantha and the officers are all on the ground, her friends in the car can be heard saying 'Sam, stop resisting.'  There are five officers at trying to subdue her as she screams and swears.

Jackson shouts to her fellow officers, 'cut my hair,' clearly Luna is still holding on.  Jackson again says, 'cut my hair, I don't care'.  Before Luna finally lets go.  

Samantha Luna was ultimately booked on 'suspicion of resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer, public intoxication, and providing false identification to a police officer,' according to a statement from the school.

Her mugshot shows a a bruised Samantha, smiling broadly for the camera.  

The school is currently investigating the circumstances and the arrest. "I have seen the video of this arrest, and I have confidence that Chief Peterson and our University Police will conduct a thorough review," university president Lisa Rossbacher told SF Gate.

The school also notes that Samantha Luna is not a student at Humboldt State.  

She has started a GoFundMe page to help pay her legal bills.  She says she can't talk about the incident, but that 'it is natural instinct to want to resist out of fear and confusion when feeling attacked and helpless and there is no need for excessive force from “Peace Officers” we should feel protected by.'

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