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South Carolina Choking 10-Month-Old Saved by Stranger's Special Device

One set of parents dining at a South Carolina restaurant faced this reality recently, and they honestly thought they'd lose their son. Baby Gabriel took a bite of pancake that got lodged in his throat.

Based on security cameras in the restaurant, you can see the whole scene go down. "We kind of hit him on the back," his mom, Jayne Koehler, said. "We thought, okay, he's got this. He's going to get this down."

The video itself is harrowing. After some time, you can see Jayne and her husband, Jon, start to panic. Nothing is working, and baby Gabriel is starting to turn blue. "It happened really fast," Jayne said.

Suddenly, the rest of the restaurant takes notice as Jayne begins yelling for help. A crowd forms, and one patron knows exactly what to do. But instead of running toward the baby, he runs to his car to get a device called a LifeVac.

"At that point, Gabriel is unconscious," Jayne said. "Eyes rolled back in the head, completely limp." But then the stranger at the restaurant returned with the device.

The moment was scary for him, as well. "She lifts him up, and trusts me, like a last hope," he said with emotion. And he was able to save a life that day.

Watch the video below to see the heroic rescue:

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