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Angry customer who 'found plastic' in her go-to soup container throws HOT SOUP at restaurant manager's face

Customer throws soup commissioned. A great scandal was experienced in a Mexican restaurant when the patience of a client reached its limit, in a video shared on social networks it can be observed that the anger of the clients can cause them to commit any kind of act. Now social networks were left with their mouths open when they saw the following images.

The problem was due to the collapse of a meal due to melted plastic, being the cause for which the client was quite annoyed and reacted violently with the manager of the Mexican restaurant in Texas called "Sol de Jalisco." The woman threw hot soup in the manager's face, according to the New York Post.

Angry customer throws hot soup at restaurant manager

The video immediately went viral, as a customer is seen arguing with the manager of the Mexican restaurant, the manager named Jannelle Broland, could not do anything about this aggressive reaction. Jannelle was behind the cash register when this act happened.

In the clip it is possible to see how a woman approaches the person in charge of the "Sol de Jalisco" and begins to argue with her, suddenly she shows her her food and shows her how the plastic lid was melted, because of how hot it was Soup. Then she threw the soup in the manager's face, while the client ran off.

"What just happened?", They said when the client throws the soup to the manager

Faced with this situation, the police said that before entering the Mexican restaurant, the woman who has not yet been identified called to complain that the soup she had collected. According to the version, the soup was so hot that it melted the plastic lid, you can read it in the media.

The manager claims she apologized to the customer and offered a full refund or another menu item, but said the woman went crazy when she couldn't complain to another boss: "My first thought was, 'What just happened? Why, for example, why is this happening? and I realized that I couldn't open my eyes and I wiped myself and I realized that I was like, 'Wow, she really threw that at me,' "Broland said.

What was the annoyance of the customer throwing the hot soup at the manager?

"I was really in shock," said the manager of the soup incident.

After this incident, the manager shared her experience on her TikTok account, the manager mentioned that the soup was no longer hot when they threw it in her face, but that her eyes were stung by the spices and spice. "I remember feeling the heat from the soup, but my eyes burned a lot. My nose was burning, "he said in his video.

"It kind of took my breath away for a second because just the burning, I was really in shock from all of this,” Broland added. The tantrum left the client in trouble, as police said there were criminal charges pending against her and that she had been barred from the establishment.

They released a statement about the irate customer throwing the soup at the manager

"We do not tolerate this type of behavior and we hold our citizens at the highest level. If a citizen believes that they have received a bad service, we recommend that they remain civil until the problem is solved, "Deputy Police Chief Allen Teston told the media.

On Wednesday, the restaurant issued a statement condemning the customer's actions: "The Márquez family does not tolerate such behavior, and we simply want our establishment to be a place where people can relax and enjoy live music, delicious Mexican food and the best local drinks, as we have continuously said on our social media accounts.”

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