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Pregnant Mom's Belly Share Leads To A Nightmare Affair As Viewers Notice The Unthinkable

A North Carolina woman, pregnant with baby number four, wanted to shut her "haters" up, so she posted a photo of her growing baby bump on social media. Although one user commented that the woman looked "s*xy," the photo went mostly unnoticed for days. Then, at least one observant person took a closer look and quickly called the cops.

Natasha Kirkland, a 26-year-old woman from Cherokee, North Carolina, was apparently excited to be expecting baby number four. However, there were those who questioned whether she was really pregnant. Her so-called "haters" were skeptical, wondering if the pregnancy was a ruse since the selfie-loving social media user hadn't posted any belly shots, according to eBaum's World.

Sure enough, Natasha was indeed knocked up once again, and she was more than willing to prove it. Hoping to shut up those who doubted her pregnancy, Natasha posed for a picture in a room of her home. Bearing her growing baby bump at 20 weeks along for all to see, she stood proudly with her belly hanging out below the tank top she had pulled up to expose all of her glory — but she exposed much more than intended.

In a hurry to shut her haters down, Natasha posted the image on social media. But, that wasn't enough. Natasha, who spells her name "Natosha" on Facebook, made the big bare-bump image her profile picture too. Unfortunately for her, she must not have looked too closely at the photo before sharing it with the world. That was a big mistake that would land her behind bars.

Natasha didn't garner much attention with her new photo initially. Instead, the image sat on her timeline and in the newsfeed of her friends for days. It went virtually unnoticed, except for two comments, one of which claimed the mom-to-be looked "s*xy." Then, a more observant social media user spotted glaring issues and Natasha Kirkland was thrown behind bars three days after the picture was posted.

Apparently, Natasha was in such a hurry to take the picture, she dropped everything she was doing to pose for the photo — and, what she was doing was a big problem for social media users, concerned about the growing baby inside her. While evidence that she was expecting was provided, she also proved something else about herself that was particularly troublesome.

Those with a sharp eye for details spotted a stool in the background, where Natasha had left her drugs, spoon, and syringes in plain sight. But, there was an even bigger issue. The expectant mom couldn't even claim the illegal narcotics weren't hers since she had also left an elastic tourniquet or "tie-off" on her upper arm, which intravenous drug users use to make their veins bulge so they can be more easily found and injected. In other words, it was an obvious indication that Natasha had just been or was about to shoot up.

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