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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson showcases infectious personality as he surprises people aboard Hollywood tourist bus tour on Thanksgiving

People aboard a bus tour looking to get a first-hand glimpse at the homes of some of Hollywood's biggest stars got more than they bargained for on Thanksgiving.

On Thursday, just before the afternoon bells rang, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gave a bus full of unsuspecting tourists in Los Angeles the surprise of their trip when he pulled up alongside their parked vehicle. 

And in true The Rock fashion, he showed off his engaging and personable personality by saying hello like he was just any other guy being nice and courteous.

The Rock, 49, just happened to shoot the brief encounter with his cell phone camera and post it on his Instagram page, to the delight of his 280 million fans and followers.

The clip begins with Hollywood leading man sitting in the driver's seat of his truck moments after he stopped just a few feet from the bus.

'Have you guys seen my house yet?' Johnson, 49, asked the tourists, who were seated in an open-roof convertible bus, with many of them shooting video of their own.

'No,' several of the pleasantly surprised people said in unison to the A-list actor, who could be seen wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.

t's at this point that he showed off his comedic touch and impeccable timing by responding,'Okay, cool keep it that way. Alright, you guys take care and have a happy Thanksgiving.'

When The Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star did get around to posting the clip on Instagram, he shared most of his brief conversation with the tourists by writing it nearly verbatim in the caption.       

'A lil' Thanksgiving Star Tour Bus surprise… Have you guys seen my house yet? No. Cool, keep it that way,' he wrote, before sharing that he was headed to the gym before he ate his holiday meal.

'Happy Thanksgiving you guys, enjoy my hood and I'm gonna get after this workout before we feast.'

'I love you rock!!!' and 'spread love' were some of the comments that summed up fan reaction to the post, along with a plethora of flame emojis to point out that they thought the video was hot.

About an hour later, The Rock would take back to Instagram and give a shout out to the woman who creates most of his and his family's meals, including the Thanksgiving holiday.    

'Our amazing family chef @chefputtie smilin' big because she knows she's gonna deliver a deliciously Thanksgiving meal,' he gushed in the caption of the image that shows Chef Puttie in the kitchen.

'For all you foodies out there, you're looking at a cornbread stuffing that she adds cranberries to with sautéed carrots, onions, celery & sage. And some damn good collard greens that have been braising since yesterday ~ a slow, long & delicious process ~ like all my dates as a college freshman.'

He ended by wishing everyone: 'Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your families. Man I am grateful today.'

Pumped up: Johnson got in a workout at the gym before enjoying his holiday meal with family

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