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Starbucks Employee Writes "PIG" On Cop's Cup — Corporate Responds,Empolyee Giving An Unexpected Response

After a police officer ordered drinks for the dispatchers who work with him, he was stunned to find that a Starbucks employee had labeled the coffee cups with the word "PIG" in place of his name. However, once the incident went viral, the corporate office was quick to address the issue, giving an unexpected response.

As a thank-you to the dispatchers for working so diligently, an Oklahoma police officer headed to a local Starbucks and ordered a series of sugary drinks. Once his order was called, he picked up the drink carrier and returned to the station only to discover that his ticket didn't have the name he had given the barista just minutes earlier, and Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O'Mara wasn't too happy to hear about it.

In bold print on the drinks, the word "PIG" replaced the officer's name. Shocked by the bigotry that one of his officers encountered at the hands of a complete stranger, the chief took to social media to lament the notion that employees can't seem to serve customers anymore without voicing their political opinions,Blue Lives Matter reports.

"One of my on-duty officers decides to do something nice for our dispatchers," O'Mara wrote. "This is what he gets for being nice."

When O'Mara called up the Glenpool Starbucks to make a complaint, the manager told him they'd gladly "replace the coffee with a correct label." However, the chief declined, later adding that he was too wary of the service he might receive. It was only after O'Mara's rant over the incident that corporate addressed the problem.

"What irks me is the absolute and total disrespect for a police officer who, instead of being home with family and enjoying a meal and a football game, is patrolling his little town,"the chief wrote. "Just pour the coffee please. Are we at a point where a task as simple as pouring an exceptionally overpriced cup of coffee is so complicated that it cannot be accomplished without 'expressing oneself?'"

The company reportedly apologized to O'Mara, adding that they had "launched an internal investigation into this matter." Starbucks confirmed that they had initially suspended the employee while the investigation was underway and ultimately terminated the worker. However, the woman who lost her job has now come forward with a complaint of her own.

According to KTUL,former Starbucks manager Lola Price says that she was wrongfully terminated for the "PIG" label. She denies printing the label, claiming that it was a barista who entered the name and that the company was simply looking for someone to take the fall for what was turning out to be a public relations nightmare.

"I was terminated from my position because, Starbucks was looking for someone to take the blame for this and to save some face from their company," she said.

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