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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - Incredible 30-Year Natural Body Transformation

WWE legend and Hollywood A-lister Dwayne Johnson has undergone an incredible body transformation over the past 30 years.

The wrestling icon’s muscle-bound modern-day physique is barely recognisable when compared to his early days as a skinny kid growing up.

Long gone are the days since his WWE debut back in 1996, sporting permed black hair, no tattoos and tassels.

Several new tattoos later, the Rock has gained some serious muscle since then and has gone onto become one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood.

It must be understood, however, that not everything was always peachy for Johnson, even he has suffered major set-backs in his life, both professional and personal.

He often recalls getting evicted when he was living with his mother as a kid and his feeling of helplessness, having only seven dollars in his pocket; ironically his production company is named ‘Seven Bucks Productions’ – serving as a stark reminder of his roots.

When arriving in WWE first time round, things didn’t exactly go as planned for the soon-to-be megastar; WWE icon ‘The Undertaker’ last year even admitted that he feared for Johnson after his ‘awful first outing in the ring.

Having won over the wrestling world with a more authentic and charismatic version of himself known now to the world as ‘The Rock’, Johnson is now a leading man in Hollywood and one of the most famous men on the planet.

Despite his successes continuing, his dedication to the gym and physical fitness remains unparalleled.

Earlier this month, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury heaped praise on the 48-year-old for keeping himself in such great shape all these years, seemingly never ageing.

The heavyweight boxing champion uploaded a photo of the award-winning actor.

Alongside it Fury wrote: “What a shape on a man especially for his age. Respect. Ripped.”

Johnson is seen facing the camera in the gym, with his muscles and veins bulging after a workout.

Johnson is set to star as the comic book superhero entitled ‘Black Adam’ later this year with production on the project close to starting.

‘The Rock’ is also set to produce and star in a movie biopic about pro-wrestler turned MMA and UFC fighter Mark Kerr.

The megastar regularly has fans in awe at his swoleness on Instagram and in December it was reported by SunSport that Johnson sleeps for just four hours a night, yet still maintains the energy for his daily workouts and hectic work schedule.

He clocks off at midnight and is up again around 4am.

Johnson’s net worth is widely reported to be a truly eye-watering £243million, not bad for a skinny kid with seven bucks to his name.

The year 2019 saw Johnson net £73m - which made him the highest-earning actor in Hollywood that year.

The Rock has one of the most popular Instagram accounts on social media with 192m followers.
Put it this way, if Dwayne's followers were a country, they'd be the eighth most populous country on the planet.

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