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Mom Delivers Black Triplets – Dad Takes Closer Look Then Bursts Into Tears

Evangelical Christians Aaron and his wife Rachel Halbert had long dreamed of becoming parents. While trying to conceive naturally, they also wanted to adopt a child, as they felt the adoption was a calling from their Christian pro-life beliefs. So the couple went to their local adoption agency. Little did they know that things were about to take an interesting turn.

1. A Special Calling

2. God Helps Decide

The couple knew it can be incredibly difficult for non-Caucasian children to find adoptive homes. So, they applied to adopt any child, fully expecting a Caucasian one. They trusted that if God truly wanted them to have a Caucasian child, their application would be denied, and Rachel would instead become pregnant. The couple had no idea how it would all turn out.

3. Adopting Two Adorable Kids

The adoption agency found two African-American children, a boy and a girl, for the Halberts. Just one look and the couple fell in love with them. They could not choose one over the other. So they decided to adopt both, naming them Ford and Catherine. However, they had no clue that an even bigger surprise was just around the corner…

4. New Plan

Not long after they took Ford and Catherine home, the couple wanted to have more children. However, with two kids keeping them busy, they didn’t know if it was the right time. Then, like a sign, the Halberts came across an old friend, who recommended embryo adoption to them. While they were still hesitant about the extra workload, they felt they should not ignore this sign. So, they decided to do some research on embryo adoption, something they had never heard of before.

5. Horrible Truth About Embryo Adoption

After much research, the couple couldn’t believe what they had discovered and felt horrible to discover the truth. “We live in a world with hundreds of thousands of embryos frozen in the United States alone. Most who aren’t selected by their biological parents are donated to science or destroyed or kept frozen,” Aaron explained, “This means that most of the embryos used for in-vitro fertilization are wasted.” The Halberts felt compelled to rescue the tiny lives through embryo adoption.

6. Going Ahead With The Plan

In fact, the biggest reason for the couple to pursue embryo adoption was their beliefs. “If Christians or others really believe life begins at conception, it follows that we should respond by being willing to support embryo adoption and even take part in it ourselves,” Aaron said. With their minds made up, the couple went to the National Embryo Donation Center, a Christian embryo bank. 

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