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Single Mom Faced Backlash For Delivering 8 Babies At Once. 10 Years Later She's Made Big Changes

The octuplets of Nadya Suleman have attracted the interest of a large audience for some time. Of course, mom has also amazed the world during and beyond her pregnancy. Her case interested more than a few people and certainly caused her doctors to sweat!

When announcing her pregnancy, Octomom drew criticism from a few. However, she has also made a network of loyal fans and supporters. Whatever the audience's reaction, the mother of the octuplets has always done her best to take care of her young. She acted like a true mother, even though her decision did not always satisfy everyone. Today, let's see together where she's at with her octuplets?

Nadya Suleman had always been aware of her desire to be a mother. Even from her childhood, she dreamed of having several children. To tell the truth, Nadya began to feed her large family desire when she felt very lonely in her one-child reality. Born to immigrant parents from Lithuania and Iraq, Nadya always played alone and had almost no one to share her little secrets …

Although she had always known that she was going to be the mother of many children, she did not imagine it would be with octuplets. But she did what it took to achieve what she dreamed of from a very early childhood. So, one day, she learned that she was going to have octuplets. It was a miraculous announcement for her, she did not expect it at all.

Nadya Suleman started her plan to motherhood very early.  As soon as she left high school, she knew she wanted a life of single parenthood. Thus, she positioned herself as best she could to achieve this goal.

Although she mostly dreamed of becoming a mother, Nadya was also thinking about going to graduate school after college. However, she preferred to abandon academic projects to realize her greatest dream. At that time, Nadya was only an impressionable girl who did not quite have her head on her shoulders. Still, had clung to her dream.

The beautiful Nadya Suleman fell under the spell of a certain Marcos Gutierrez when she began to build her plans to become a mother. The man is far older than her and knew in all respects what he expected from the young woman. However, they really fell madly in love with each other. Unfortunately, their story was ephemeral.

Nadya entrusted to this man, a part in her biggest project of life. For his part, Gutierrez seemed perfectly up to make this project happen with Nadya. Indeed, he too wanted to become a father, but above all wanted to give a child to Nadya. Yet, things did not go as they would have liked them to happen!

During the year of their meeting, Nadya and Marcos got married. Happiness began to be felt in the air. In addition, Nadya earned her nursing degree in the field of psychiatry. She was educated at the University of Mt. San Antonio. Thanks to her knowledge, she had a job at the Norwalk Hospital in California and practiced in the psychiatry branch. Unfortunately, the work was very hard for her.

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