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Soldier sees two young boys in Taco Bell – next move has internet stunned


It was dark and stormy out, the lightning flashed just as they opened the front doors and into the warm restaurant. Even though it may have been warmer, the atmosphere seemed equally as moody as outside.

Then they saw him, they knew to go right up to him and give him a piece of their mind.


He coached the Columbus Lions and a football team in Georgia. This wasn't too impressive since he was also a Lieutenant Colonel – his name was Robert Risdon. His primary focus was being a husband and father-of-two.

He didn't always get a chance to go home, he often worked late and had to work long hours.

Risdon had to travel across the country since he coached two sports teams. He and his co-coach Jason Gibson had to also scout for the teams on top of that.

Risdon was very fatigued from scouting and coaching the teams all weekend. His team was practicing for the Senior Bowl. He thought he could now relax, but not yet.


They were getting close to home, but then a storm broke out. There was only one place that was close by – a Taco Bell. They were also starving so they decided to stop there anyway.

The restaurant would be dry and warm and have a bite to eat. It would be good.


As they got to the front door, Risdon heard the thunder crackle. The storm had gotten far worse and he was glad to get indoors just in time.

The windows shook as the thunder rattled them. Risdon didn't know at the time that the weather would be the least of his worries.


Surprisingly, the restaurant was packed full of people. It seemed that more than just him had the idea of taking shelter from the storm.

He ordered what he wanted and found an empty table in the middle of the restaurant. All of the booths were full. He was so hungry and he couldn't wait to chow down into his meal. But then he noticed something.


The two characters were dressed all in black and were sopping wet from the rain. He noticed slippery water gathering up at their feet.

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