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Mom Has No Idea Why Her Daughter's Photo Went Viral, Then Sees The 'Small Detail' And Realized Why It Really Went Viral


She watched the reactions on Instagram rack up in a matter of minutes on her phone's screen. It was an excellent photograph, but she hadn't expected it to get this many reactions.

Perplexed, she looked back at her smiling daughter, who was still posing sweetly for her. But when she scrolled through the comments, her blood turned to ice.

Natural Beauty

Spring had just come to Bianca Dickinson's sprawling ranch in Western Victoria, Australia. Green shoots had already begun to appear on the trees. The clear blue sky arched above, in stunningly beautiful contrast to the brown and arid landscape.

On this particularly warm afternoon, Bianca thought that the conditions were perfect for a few photographs. But when all was said and done, she would never want to take a photograph again.

Daily Routine

The day seemed ordinary enough. The mother of four was waiting for the school bus to drop off her two older children at the bus stop at the end of the ranch's drive, which, given the size of the property, was a long way from the house.

Every day, she would climb into her SUV and drive down the dusty road to greet them and drive them back. Only, today, she decided to break her routine…

A Perfect Storm

Bianca bundled her younger children, Harry and Molly, into the car with her. She had an idea, and she had some time to kill before the bus carrying Imogen and Mitchell arrived.

The weather was exceptional, and she had a brand-new iPhone with a great camera that she was itching to try out. But she had no idea that fate was brewing a perfect storm.

The Perfect Spot

She slowly rumbled down the dusty driveway, looking for the perfect spot. She stopped by a gnarled old Bluegum tree that had been bent and whipped into twisted shapes by years of wind, right at the edge of her property.

As she pulled over into the shade, Molly, her youngest, piped up from the back. "What are we doing?" She asked excitedly. "We're going to take some pictures, baby," Bianca crooned.

Picture Perfect

With the bus stop in sight so she could keep an eye out, she lifted Molly out of the car and asked her to pose for her. She directed her to stand next to the fence and stand with her face into the wind. Perfect. The whispering wheat field and Australia's Big Sky provided the perfect backdrop for the perfect picture of her cherubic tot.

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