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Confused Couple Didn't Understand Why Their Photo Went Viral Until They Read the Comments

Ever since Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey started dating in college, their relationship had its fair share of ups and downs. But one day when Wendy decided to share a post about their relationship on social media, she never expected it to go viral, and was a little confused as to why she was receiving all of this newfound fame. Those questions were soon answered when this fitness couple started scrolling through the comments.

A Common College Experience

Like most girls who are off to college, Wendy Joseph was looking forward to what was to come during what would be some of the most formative years of her life. Wendy was born in Haiti, but had spent most of her life in New Jersey, and was off to college not too far away from her hometown.

She was staying in the state to study public healthcare at Montclair State University. Everything seemed pretty standard, but that would soon be far from true. Soon enough, she'd come into contact with a young man who'd have a big part in her future. However, this seemingly typical "girl-meets-boy" story would take a dramatic turn with just one social media post.

The Ultimate Message

The year was 2006, and Facebook had only been around for about two years. The entire social media site was nowhere near the colossal media giant ubiquitously used by people of all ages and stages in life. At that point, it was mostly used by college students to connect with each other and with friends of friends, which is exactly what happened in Wendy's case.

Wendy was new to Facebook when she logged on and received a message from a young man named Dan Hennessey. Dan had written a short note, just introducing himself, but Wendy felt a little strange about the message. She would later explain that she thought "first of all, I don't know you, and I do not trust the Internet." But the more she thought about the message, the more she knew she had to tell someone about it.

Sharing Some Details About The Mystery Man

According to Dan's profile, he was a sophomore at Montclair State University, studying exercise science. He was 18-years-old, and Wendy was wondering why he would message a 17-year-old freshman. Since Facebook was not as developed as is it these days, Wendy was not able to get that much more additional information. But Wendy could still tell that she thought this Dan guy was pretty cute.

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