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New Mom Loses It When She Peeks Under Baby's Blanket

Sick To Her Stomach

Lauren feels sick to her stomach. There had to be some kind of mistake, right? What was this doing in the blanket? She holds her not-even-day-old baby daughter in her arms while a tear trickles down her flustered cheek. 

Everything was fine before that nurse came in and took baby Everly away. What had the nurse done? Lauren looks down at the soft blanket and a shiver creeps up her spine. Nothing will ever be the same again. 

Second Pregnancy 

When Lauren Evans found out she was pregnant with her second child, she was over the moon. She already had a beautiful little boy called Kaden with her partner Chad McDevitt, so this time around she knew what to expect when it came to pregnancy.

But when her baby was born, and Lauren untucked them from their soft blanket to get a closer look, she found something that left her feeling sick to her stomach. She never expected this to happen. Not in a million years. 

Her Dream To Be A Mom

For all of her life, Lauren only had one dream that she held close to her heart. And that was to become a mother. So when she and Chad found out they were expecting their second child they were ecstatic! 

Their son Kaden was one of the greatest things that ever happened to them, so they were eager to meet the latest addition to their family. But they had no idea what was coming to them. 

 The Baby Is Coming

When Lauren's water broke at home she remained calm and huddled herself into the car to be taken to the hospital. She had planned every detail of her labor - she wanted to ensure it wasn't as stressful as her first labor. She had candles and ambient music at the ready.

But nothing could have prepared her for what was to happen after the delivery when she unwrapped her baby girl and saw something inside her blanket. 

A Healthy Baby Girl

Thankfully there were no complications while Lauren gave birth. And finally, after 6 hours of labor, Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby girl called Everly. Lauren's 7-year-old son Kaden was over the moon with his new little sister. 

Like most adoring dads, Chad was calling up everyone he knew and informing them of the good news. But like Lauren, he had no idea what was coming.

All She Ever Wanted

Everything seemed to be going perfect for the happy family. Lauren was drained but she fought back her tiredness in order to cherish this moment. Her partner, her son, and her new baby daughter. It was all she ever wanted.

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