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Anne Hathaway delights fans by sharing incredibly rare family photo

Anne Hathaway had a surprise in store for fans as she took to Instagram in celebration of Mother's Day.

The Oscar winner – who shares two children with husband Adam Shulman – posted the sweetest snapshot showing her with her own beloved mother, Kate.

The black-and-white selfie shows the pair smiling and posing together in paper crowns. Anne, 38, wrote: "Happy Mother's Day to Queen Kate, the Cutest! You deserve everything in the world, including a better camera than the one I used to take this photo."

Fans were delighted by the candid family photo and took to the comments section to share love heart emojis and sweet messages. "Happy Mother's Day to Queen Kate and to you too!" one follower wrote, with a second adding: "THIS IS SO CUTE!"

Anne shared a sweet snapshot of Kate in celebration of Mother's Day

Anne no doubt spent Sunday celebrating with her own children – Jonathan, five, and one-year-old Jack.

At the end of last year, during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the star revealed she had recently discovered a top parenting trick!

Anne and Adam have been married since 2012 

"This is the first year he's really believed in Santa Claus," Anne said of her eldest son. "We were driving in the car, and you know when you're in the car with your kids and suddenly the car gets too hot? Like all of a sudden in a second, and everybody is loud at the same moment. And the baby is crying because he wants the cracker that the four-year-old has and the four-year-old will not give him a cracker.

Anne is a proud mother to two boys

"And then finally, I just have this spark and I go, 'Okay Johnny, but what about Santa?' " the actress recalled, noting that her technique proved immediately effective.

"His hand shot out straight towards me, I had the entire box of crackers suddenly, there was no argument," she explained. "Adam and I turned to each other and we went, 'Oh my God, this is so powerful!'"

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