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Selena Gomez Just Chopped Off All Of Her Hair—See Her Shocking New Look!

Selena Gomez just chopped all her hair off into a bob, and now we want to chop all our hair off into a bob! The 29-year-old actress unveiled her shocking new hair transformation on TikTok on October 19th, while promoting a watch party for the final episode of her Hulu show, Only Murders in the Building. (Spoiler alert: it was *SO* good!)

But enough about the show, because we're not done talking about her hair. We will never be done! Selena has been rocking a sleek below-shoulder-length hair style for quite a while now, which we have always been huge fans of. We actually internally commented on her luscious enviable locks several times while watching OMITB. However, we are totally obsessed with her new super short bob, especially the way in which she – or maybe a team of stylists, who knows? – has styled it. Selena's voluminous and expertly blown out bob frames her face wonderfully – and we aren't the only ones who are in love with her new look. As you can imagine, social media was rife with compliments!

"YOU LOOK SO GOOD WITH SHORT HAIR SELENA" one fan excitedly commented. "HER HAIR OMG," wrote another. Someone else wrote, "short hair sel is BACK" followed by the heart eyes emoji, while another referred to a previous time Selena rocked a short blunt bob, writing, "omg 2017 met gala vibes." "loving the new haircut, it's giving alex russo vibes," commented another, in reference to her Wizards of Waverly Place character. Wow, that's taking us back! Not OMITB or hair related, but we're here for the "will chris evans also be there?" comment (and the several other similar comments about the 40-year-old Captain America actor) because we're still hoping that if we manifest hard enough, this rumored relationship might actually become a reality.

Selena isn't the only famous face to experiment with the shoulder-skimming hairdo. Newly-engaged Kourtney Kardashian also recently went for the chop, as did Katy Perry, both of whom looked extremely chic and fabulous. Brb, we have to call our hair stylist!

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