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Colorado Foster Mom Takes In Baby Girl, Notices Startling Similarity To Son That Defies All Odds

Katie Page, unfortunately, got a divorce during her early thirties, and so she felt lost in life. It felt like the family and career she always wanted no longer seemed like a possibility.

The route she took thereafter offered a life-changing experience — not only for her but also for the others in her life.

Finding Her Way

Katie Page from Alabama was in her mid-thirties and already going through a tough phase of her life. Her marriage had come to an end, and she felt unfulfilled. She was struggling to figure out her way in life.

Her plans for a family had to be put on hold at this point. Katie had been on the lookout for a new start when she decided that it was time for a huge change.

New Beginnings

She knew an overhaul was required if she wanted to achieve her dreams. This is the reason she relocated even though she had opportunities and friends in Alabama. She did some soul-searching before she decided to make some serious life changes. She ended up landing a job that sounded like the solution to her problems.

Katie relocated to Denver, Colorado. There, she started a job in the world of commercial construction. On paper, her position was integrated service manager for a construction company called GE Johnson.

New House

Katie felt optimistic about the decision she made — even more so after she purchased a 4-bedroom 'fixer-upper' house that needed a number of renovations, which she decided to take on by herself. "The house I bought would require extensive work to transform into my vision and most of which I would have to do myself in order to afford it," she said.

She remembered telling a friend that this huge home was meant for 'more', although she had yet to figure out what that meant for her.

Getting On Track

Renovations would require quite a lot of money but Katie considered this to be a good thing. She needed to avoid spending unnecessarily, which meant she would work on the repairs herself. This would keep her focused and occupied as she got the rest of her life on track.

Living in the four-bedroom home all by herself, caused her to feel like something was missing in her life. Even though her marriage had to end, she thought there might be other opportunities waiting for her. That's why she decided to find out which options were worth considering.

Seeking Satisfaction

She was hesitant to get the ball rolling, though she had many options in mind. While Katie felt hesitant, she was aware that there was something she could do to improve her situation. At least, she hoped so.

The renovation project kept her motivated and busy, but it did not give her the satisfaction she wanted.

Health Issues

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