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Colorado Foster Mom Takes In Baby Girl, Notices Startling Similarity To Son That Defies All Odds

Finding Her Way

Katie Page from Alabama was in her mid-thirties and already going through a tough phase of her life. Her marriage had come to an end, and she felt unfulfilled. She was struggling to figure out her way in life.

Her plans for a family had to be put on hold at this point. Katie had been on the lookout for a new start when she decided that it was time for a huge change.

New Beginnings

She knew an overhaul was required if she wanted to achieve her dreams. This is the reason she relocated even though she had opportunities and friends in Alabama. She did some soul-searching before she decided to make some serious life changes. She ended up landing a job that sounded like the solution to her problems.

Katie relocated to Denver, Colorado. There, she started a job in the world of commercial construction. On paper, her position was integrated service manager for a construction company called GE Johnson.

New House

Katie felt optimistic about the decision she made — even more so after she purchased a 4-bedroom 'fixer-upper' house that needed a number of renovations, which she decided to take on by herself. "The house I bought would require extensive work to transform into my vision and most of which I would have to do myself in order to afford it," she said.

She remembered telling a friend that this huge home was meant for 'more', although she had yet to figure out what that meant for her.

Getting On Track

Renovations would require quite a lot of money but Katie considered this to be a good thing. She needed to avoid spending unnecessarily, which meant she would work on the repairs herself. This would keep her focused and occupied as she got the rest of her life on track.

Living in the four-bedroom home all by herself, caused her to feel like something was missing in her life. Even though her marriage had to end, she thought there might be other opportunities waiting for her. That's why she decided to find out which options were worth considering.

Seeking Satisfaction

She was hesitant to get the ball rolling, though she had many options in mind. While Katie felt hesitant, she was aware that there was something she could do to improve her situation. At least, she hoped so.

The renovation project kept her motivated and busy, but it did not give her the satisfaction she wanted.

Health Issues

She thought that changing jobs and buying a new house would give her a new perspective. Maybe it did, but it didn't give Katie exactly what she was looking for.

She also had to deal with fertility problems, so she started to toy around with the thought of adoption.

Different Plan

She was looking for a new direction in life, so Katie started looking into the process of fostering kids. She loved kids and thought it could give her a real purpose in life.

She had always wanted to be a mom, but Mother Nature just wasn't on board. Perhaps it had a different plan for her.

The Calling

She got a letter from a local church she had recently joined. It mentioned an upcoming seminar discussing a program for fostering kids in need.

Immediately she felt a stirring in her heart and was attracted by such an idea. Deep down, she felt this was her calling.


The meeting about foster care at church tugged at her heartstrings. If she had any doubt, this convinced her that this was the path meant for her.

While she still felt nervous about such an undertaking, the possibility also made her heart feel full.

Starting The Journey

What better way to start her journey than on Mother's Day? She'd filled out her application form and it ended up changing her life forever.

With an ending comes the opportunity to start anew. This drastic life change offered her the possibility of taking her life in a new direction.

Right Decision

Being a single woman who was new to the area, she had to weigh out her options before heading straight into it.

She would first have to navigate the area and then navigate motherhood itself! Despite this, she knew it was the right choice.

Desire To Do More

Not long after she filed her application, she started to receive cases. The foster children that she received were not just children without parents, but they were also children who experienced trauma when they were still very young.

Hearing this made her want to help even more.

Parenthood Calls

The next year, Katie fostered four kids. She found herself eager to adopt a child of her own. She was content with serving as a foster parent, but she decided to make parenthood a more permanent facet of her life.

From fostering kids, she wanted to adopt one!

Perfect Timing

She didn't have to wait long after making this big decision before life showed her the right challenge.

Only two weeks after talking to her caseworker about her desire, she got a phone call about a child who was abandoned by his biological mother at a hospital nearby.

Praying For A Miracle

The new-born was just four days old. Without hesitation, she knew that this was destiny at work. Katie then told her caseworker, "I want him!" and asked the worker to try not to contact anyone else about the baby.

That night she prayed fervently that the baby would be hers. Only time would tell…

The Call

Within a day of getting that call, her caseworker contacted her again. Katie answered the phone, hoping she was granted rights to be his foster mother.

That same day she walked out of the nearby hospital, the four-day-old boy in her arms!

New Territory

She had experience fostering a 14-month-old infant, but she had never taken care of a new-born in the past. This little boy needed help and love.

She thought it was terrible that he was abandoned at such a young age, but sadly, that wasn't the worst of it…

Drug Problem

It turns out that Doctors found that the little boy was exposed to illegal substances when he was in utero. He might have been exposed to drugs, but it was a good thing he was not showing withdrawal symptoms yet.

After some tests, they revealed that he was not going to suffer long-term effects. Katie was grateful to hear this news.

Going Forward

The baby boy had a tough beginning in life, but that was all past him now.

It was time for them to move on now so Katie decided that she would have to give her all if she wanted to take care of this new baby, and so she did!

Naming Him

Since he was abandoned at only four days of age he didn't have a name yet! Katie searched online for hours looking for the perfect name for this beautiful baby she was caring for.

Although his name would probably change once adopted, Katie figured she couldn't call him baby boy forever!

Name Found

When she first took him home with her, she only referred to him as Baby Boy for days.

She didn't have a lot of time to think of something to name him, which is why she decided to call him by her favorite boy name: Grayson.

A Connection

Katie fell in love with him as soon as she laid her eyes on him. Immediately she felt a connection that she couldn't explain.

She never dreamed that she would turn out to be such a natural at parenthood.

Her Calling

As days went on, she started to realize that true motherhood was her calling. She felt her soul tell her that she should raise him as her own child.

She'd already fostered little kids that grew up in abusive environments, but none of them stayed with her for a long time. This is what she longed for.

Ultimate Decision

This ultimately led Katie to make the decision to become a full-time parent.

She knew it would be very different than fostering, but she was ready to go the next step, and adopt Grayson as her son.

Seeking Answers

Since she had been taking care of him since he was only four days old, he managed to take a special place in her heart.

Grayson stayed with her for nearly a year as caseworkers tried to track down his biological parents.

Biological Mother

The phone call came from the adoption agency with news that would change the life of Katie and her growing family.

Apparently, they were calling her regarding Grayson and Hannah's birth mother. What was going on?


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