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Young Darci Lynne's "Sing-Off" With Puppet Steals Hearts

Darci Lynne Farmer stole hearts across the nation as a contestant on . At only 12-years-old, the Oklahoma native was an incredible ventriloquist, singer, and had a cheerful personality that could brighten anyone's day. So it's not surprising that she won her season, and has gone on to become a real star!

Darci's been on a lot of big stages with her ventriloquism act.

Accompanied by her lovable puppets, Darci has performed at Caesars Palace, the Grand Ole Opry, on , , , and more. She has millions of followers on social media and fans around the world. It's hard to believe how much she's accomplished at such a young age.

One of Darci Lynne's memorable performances comes from a pageant when she was just 11-years-old.

Before stepping foot onto , Darci competed in the 2016 Cinderella International Pageant. For her act, she brought along her bunny friend Petunia to join her in singing "The Girl in 14G." It's a video that's racked up over 7.4 million views on YouTube.

Darci looks like a genuine princess on stage, but it's her talent that really makes her shine.

From the moment she begins interacting with her puppet Petunia, you can see the star quality in Darci. In addition to being an amazing ventriloquist, she's also a great entertainer, with a smile that can light up a room.

She asks the bunny:"Petunia, do you remember when you moved into apartment 14G? How about we tell all our friends the story, it's my favorite!”

Thanks to Darci Lynne, Petunia then breaks into song.

The bunny has a beautiful and fun singing voice that pairs well with Kristin Chenoweth's "The Girl in 14G." As for Darci? She shows off her opera skills a short time into the song, as the loud resident from 13G!

She really is a girl with many talents.

Most everyone is familiar with the  winner at this point, and have enjoyed watching her delightful performances on television or online. But no matter how many times you've seen Darci, it's impossible not to be blown away by how talented she is.

The audience likely had their socks knocked off at the pageant watching the youngster in action. In addition to it being a unique and entertaining act, Darci (and Petunia) really hit the song out of the park! At one point, they even have a cute little "singing battle."

It's not the first time Darci Lynne was a participant in the Cinderella International Scholarship Pageant.

Actually, the pageant has an interesting connection to how she got started in ventriloquism…

Darci Lynne entered the competition in 2014 to try and overcome being shy. Using her singing skills, she ended up winning the Mini Miss title! It was there that she met the teen winner, a ventriloquist named Laryssa Bonacquisti, who inspired Darci to try out the art herself. The rest is history.

You don't want to miss this classic Darci Lynne Farmer performance.

At 11-years-old, Darci manages to show the crowd just what a spectacular entertainer she is, all while hitting every high note too. I think we can all agree that this girl was born to have her name in lights!

Watch the video below to see Darci and Petunia's magnificent duet for yourself.

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