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Doctors Found A Deadly Unborn Baby Growing Inside Woman 6 Weeks After She Gave Birth

Leanne Crawley, a 38-year-old mother from England, delivered pregnant with her son Louee in December 2016. This was her fourth child and first son.

Leading up to the delivery, all of Louee's prenantal scans looked normal. But she and her partner Andrew were heartbroken when Louee was born "grey and lifeless."

The tiny baby had lost 80% of his blood and his organs were in the midst of shutting down. After weeks in the hospital, he was finally discharged.

But in the weeks that followed, it was Leanne who began experiencing blood loss. Doctors began to operate on her to remove what they  was part of Louee's leftover placenta.

Instead, doctors made a shocking discovery...

Leanne Crawley is a 38-year-old full-time mom from Kent, a county in southeastern England.

Her journey through motherhood began with Olivia, 12, and Charlotte, nine.

Then came the rest of her brood.

Months after Leanne and her partner Andrew welcomed their daughter Francesca, she got pregnant again — this time, with her son Louee.

Leading up to the delivery in December 2016, all of Louee's scans looked normal.

She and Andrew couldn't wait for the birth of their firstborn son.

But when Louee was born, doctors saw he was grey and lifeless.

Tests showed he had lost about 80% of his blood.

Louee spent weeks in hospital. He was hooked up to life support and placed in both a cooling machine and incubator.

His organs were shutting beginning to shut down. But for such a fragile and tiny newborn, he proved to be quite the fighter.

Louee and Leanne were discharged from the hospital, but within days it was Leanne who was bleeding heavily.

Doctors began to remove what they thought was part of Louee's placenta that had been left inside Leanne.

Six weeks Louee was born, Leanne was rushed back to the hospital where doctors made a shocking discovery.

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