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Vin Diesel And Ruby Rose Are The BFFs You Never Knew About

Over the weekend, Vin Diesel posted the cutest BFF tribute we have ever seen: a video made up of several hangs with Ruby Rose, his co-star in . The caption reads: "When it is real, it is forever... Blessed..." 

Did you know the tatted twosome were besties? Well, Watch as they make faces at the camera together, chill on the beach, snuggle in vans, and adorably watch over Diesel's daughter, Pauline. SO CUTE.

Diesel's virtual hug is probably a response to a video Rose posted on Instagram a few days ago, showing the best buds getting about on a scooter and hacking into a cake with a hatchet. You know, normal things. Also, be prepared for the part where Diesel bites Rose's earlobe, like a friendly puppy.

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You might notice that in Rose's footage, the song "Are You With Me" by Lost Frequencies is playing. Diesel chose the same song for his little tribute. GUYS, IT'S THEIR SONG. All of which goes to show that, as a caption in the video says, "best friends are...bound by love." I love it. I hope they buy houses next door to each other and dress the same for all eternity.

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