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Dad catches babysitter trying to violate1-year-old daughter – dishes out his own justice

When a couple returned home, they witnessed a shocking scene involving their infant daughter and the babysitter. But, before police could even arrive, dad took matters into his own hands.

Jayson Newlun of North Kansas City was a trusted family friend who was staying with a Missouri family in their home on the 8000 block of North Hickory Avenue. When the couple wanted to go to the store without a baby in tow, they had no problem leaving their daughter, who was napping, in Newlun's care, KMBC reports. Sadly, that would turn out to be a big mistake for all involved, which her parents would learn when they returned home only to stumble upon a nightmare of the worst kind.

After the 26-year-old man was left alone to babysit the napping one-year-old girl and the parents headed off to the store, Newlun decided to use his time alone with the baby to sodomize the infant in a terrible act of betrayal against not only the little girl but the parents who had entrusted their child to his care as well. Sickeningly, he wasted no time getting down to his dirty business. As fate would have it, however, the child's mother realized she had forgotten something and the parents were forced to return to their Clay County, Missouri, home earlier than expected, KCTV5 reports.

Only 5-10 minutes after leaving, the mother was home again, and something must not have felt right when she walked through the door. Where was Newlun? He wasn't on the couch where he had been when she left. Then, she noticed her daughter's door was open. Going to investigate, the mother walked into her child's room only to discover a sickening and frightening sight.

Her baby was being s*xually assaulted. Kneeling between the infant's legs, Newlun was masturbating while touching the child's genitals, according to Daily Mail. The deranged pervert had removed the baby's clothes and was taking pictures of the vile act he was committing against the innocent, helpless infant as he pleasured himself. The horrified mother immediately ran and told her husband what she saw. As she grabbed the phone to call the police, the baby girl's daddy had a much different reaction to what had just happened to his daughter.

Flying into an understandable rage, the angry father stormed into the room, tackled the pedophile to the floor, and began punching him repeatedly before pulling out a dresser drawer and brutally beating the abuser with it as well. As Newlun laid on the ground screaming, he drew the attention of people nearby. Eventually, a neighbor arrived and stopped the enraged father from pummeling the predatory monster, ripping him off of the pedophile.

When police arrived, a beaten and bloodied Newlun was arrested and taken to the Clay County Detention Center. His bond was set at $250,000, and he was charged with first-degree statutory sodomy. When asked why he committed the heinous act, he reportedly said he didn't know but agreed that he deserved a harsh punishment. "I hope you go down for this," the mother told Newlun as she waited for the cops to arrive at her home, to which she told police he responded, “I do, too.”

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