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Woman Can't Give Birth, Then Doctors Realize What's Growing Inside Of Her

Meet Keely

When Keely Favell was 24 she became worried when her stomach kept growing. It grew so fast that within a few months, her stomach was so big that she seemed to be pregnant. Despite taking numerous pregnancy tests, all of them came back as negative. More than once, however, her doctors dismissed her concerns. This left the mystery of her growing belly to go unsolved.

Keely loved being called "chunky" because she loved her figure and loved being curvy. She spent a lot of time at the gym and eating healthy because she was very conscious and passionate about her health. Keely made sure to take good care of her body. All of this was part of why her weight gain bothered her so much. She kept working hard at keeping her body in shape.

But it eventually reached a point where she had to find out what was happening to her body.

Hardening Stomach

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't ignore the mystery of her weight gain. It wasn't long before she noticed that she was only gaining weight in her stomach.

It was also becoming hard and sensitive to the touch. She hoped that it would all go away in time but it didn't.

Increasing Dress Size

She rapidly increased dress sizes. Eight to be exact but she was still too scared to visit a doctor. "Having grown up with my dad as a doctor, I had become a bit of a medical coward, so seeing the GP was not my first option," Keely said.

Without going to a doctor and her weight increasing at such a fast pace, she could only think of one explanation.

Bun In The Oven?

Her growing belly, increasing weight, growing fatigue, and her long time relationship with her boyfriend all seemed to add up to only one thing, a pregnancy.

This made them anxious as they were not trying to have a child, however, everything made it obvious that it was a distinct possibility.

Remaining Negative

When the pregnancy test came back as negative they were both understandably surprised and confused. They assumed that it had to be incorrect, a false negative, so they immediately took another test. Again it came back as negative.

This meant that she would have to face her fears and go to a doctor.

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