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"It Actually Pisses Me Off": Cop Stops Teen Who Ran To Elderly Woman

A Missouri police officer is looking for a teenager, but it's not to arrest him.

Officer Joe Holt, with the Independence Police Department, wants to take the boy out to dinner after witnessing him help an elderly woman from her car in the rain.

"Well this kiddo who I have only known a short time already means the world to me," Officer Holt said in a Facebook post on the Independence Police Department page. "As promised after finding him I took him out to dinner. He and his wonderful mom Ebony enjoyed some Red Lobster."

It happened late last month as Holt had stopped to grab something to eat, he told WDAF-TV on Friday.

"It was pouring down rain, and all the sudden I see this teenager running across the parking lot, taking his coat off," Holt told WDAF. He watched from his patrol car as the youth draped his jacket over the woman as she struggled to exit her car, then helped her walk across the parking lot.

Holt was so moved that he posted on social media to get the word out.

"So today I experienced something that actually set me back a little,” he began, in a Facebook post. "It didn't set me back because I was shocked but because I got to witness it firsthand.”

The officer walked back to the van the teenager had emerged from, and told his mother what he had done. At first she looked apprehensive at having a cop approach her car, he said. But after he delivered his message, "she teared up pretty good," he said, adding that he did too.

The post inspired random acts of kindness from New York to Canada, WDAF reported.

Even beyond kindness, Holt said, the gesture bridged a racial divide.

"With all the hate fueled by color, belief, s*xual preference or race it actually pisses me off," he wrote. "This young black male (teen) exited the backseat of a van he was in while it was pouring rain took his coat off and protected this elderly white female from the environment the best he could all the way to her car.”

Moreover, he did not seem to look for recognition, Holt wrote.

"He then walked back to his car all while not saying a word to his Auntie or Mom when he exited or re-entered," he wrote."This kid cared less about race, religion or color. The only thing this kid cared about was being kind."

Holt was so moved that he wants to take the youth out to dinner.

"As much love that kid displayed that day, that kid could go places," Holt told WDAF of the unidentified teen. "And I think he could set an example for what society needs to be."

The boy's mother, who said she was 'overwhelmed and cried tears of joy,' after being told about the act. 

She said: 'My son told me she was drenched during the storm, it wasn't raining lightly and he just said, 'she needed help mom.'

'He is always helping people, cutting their grass, taking their groceries in for them and is always helping the elderly. 

'That's my baby he is my oldest but always will be my baby.'

Holt and Tyrea are due to meet for the dinner this Saturday, she revealed, but did not say where for fear of ruining the surprise for her son.

Findley added: 'I'm just overwhelmed, he has vitiligo, so it's been overwhelming seeing people say all of these positive things about him.

'It makes me happy and brings joy to him. Kids can be rough and cruel sometimes, this is a thing we deal with and so I'm glad this was so positive.' 

An outpouring of praise came for the teen and his mother on social media.

Sam Aysh wrote: 'Bravo his mom must be so proud of him cause I know I am.'

'Our world would be such a better place if we could acknowledge good over evil... Thanks young man, mom and officer for doing the right thing,' Kelly Sims added. 

Dezerie Mantzey commented: This is very nice!!! Good job young man! With the hatred going on everywhere, seldom good deeds happens nor unnoticed. Spread the love and not hate!'

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