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Mom Thinks She's Having Twins, But Drs Quickly Learn She's Making History With Rare Delivery That Only Happens Every 480 Years

When Alexandra Kinova found out she was pregnant with her second child, she was ecstatic. She and her boyfriend Antonin Kroscen already had one daughter and they were excited to add to their tiny little family. They had no idea that this pregnancy would lead to a birth that only occurs once every 480 years.

Although twins run in both sides of the family, the 23-year-old Kinova wasn’t too concerned about the idea of having twins. She figured it was highly unlikely because, after all, she had conceived naturally and didn’t expect this pregnancy to be anything out of the ordinary. The couple even talked about having twins and thought it might be neat if it were to happen.

The day came for Kinova to have an ultrasound, and they were in luck. The doctor didn’t just find one baby, he found two! The family would be adding two little ones to their family and they couldn’t have been more happy. The news didn’t stop there, however. The doctor had the couple come back in for another ultrasound a couple weeks later and he told them more news.

At their next doctor’s appointment, the doctor checked the four babies and found that they all appeared to be healthy. The doctor, however, made yet another discovery. He found a fifth baby growing inside of Kinova! The surprised mom said at that point she began to cry. She couldn’t believe what the family had in store for them in the near future.

The couple began preparing for the day the babies would come home, and Kinova knew that the chances of her being able to deliver the babies without a cesarean section were only one in seven million. She was adamant, however, that she would breast feed her newborns as much as possible.

The big day came and doctors were ready to bring the babies into the world. The hospital room was staffed with 40 healthcare workers to ensure that both the mother and her babies would make it through the delivery as healthy as possible.

Kroscen says he almost missed the births of his children because of train delays to the hospital, but he made it just in time. The doctors delivered four boys and one girl, all who appeared to be strong and healthy.

Kinova and the babies were all admitted to the intensive care unit for follow up care, but the doctor anticipated that Kinova would be fine and the babies would all grow up to be healthy as could be. What an exciting day for everyone!

While checking on the two babies, the doctor discovered that there wasn’t just one set of twins growing inside of Kinova, there were actually two sets of twins. Four babies! The couple couldn’t believe what they were hearing. How was it possible that she was carrying four babies inside of her?

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