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John Cena Apologizes to The Rock for Criticizing His Hollywood Career

Their most recent WWE feud centered around Johnson's transition to acting

8 years ago, John Cena and Dwayne Johnson — or, as he was known in his former life, The Rock — faced off in the main event of WrestleMania for the second year in a row. At the heart of their onscreen feud was the Great One’s decision to leave the world of WWE behind for Hollywood, which Cena saw as a betrayal of sorts.

A few scene-stealing turns and leading roles later, Cena now spends more time on movie sets than he does in the ring — and is singing a different tune. “I’m sorry and I was wrong,” he said during an appearance on the Gorilla Position (via Screen Rant). “That’s the best thing I can do.”

“This is a very tough balancing act and when I called out Dwayne, I called him out because of ignorance. I called him out as someone that had tunnel vision in WWE and didn’t understand the process that when you make a movie, you are not allowed to do anything else because if you ruin this — if Seth Rollins splits my nose open over here — I can’t film the movie and there’s hundreds of other people whose financial well being depend on whether I show up to work in one piece,” Cena continued.

After supporting roles in films like “Sisters” and “Trainwreck,” the 41-year-old has graduated to leading-man status with the release of this year’s “Blockers” and the surprisingly well-received “Bumblebee.”

“If I stop production, that could shut production down,” Cena said. “That costs the movie money. It hampers the success of the movie, so once again I was foolish, selfish, and ignorant, but it made for awesome TV, so at least we’ve had that. It’s a conversation I’ve had with Dwayne multiple times and something I’m super comfortable telling any interviewer. I was ignorant. I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

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