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Unfit Mother Records Live Video, Celebrates CPS Taking Away Her 7 Kids: 'I’m Living Life ’Cause Them Kids Gone!'

When a mother was apparently deemed unfit, her 7 children were removed from her home. After her kids were taken by Child Protective Services, she decided to go live on social media and share her feelings about the ordeal. Instead of being upset, however, she was celebrating.

A video making the rounds on social media has shocked netizens because of its content. A supposedly unfit mother, “Honey Rose,” is seen in the video explaining that her seven children had been removed from her home by Child Protective Services (CPS).

Shockingly, Rose was celebrating the occasion, happy that she had more time to party.

In the live stream, she was heard saying: “They came and got them b*tches! They gone, them b*tches gone. All 7 of them!”

As she smoked and drank on camera, she sang: “It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party” while gyrating on the couch.

She exclaimed, “They took my kids!” while feigning tears, but they were tears of joy. She added, “Them kids were bad as f*ck anyway. F*ck them kids!” and “It’s the happiest day” of her life.

“I should have took a picture of them m*therf*ckers when they was leaving out the door. I should have recorded,” she stated in the video.

Reading comments slamming her celebration, she responded: “Y’all mad because I didn’t want my kids. Them m*therf*ckers came up outta me. I got a right to want ’em or get rid of ’em. And, I got rid of them m*therf*ckers.”

She alleged that she purposely had the kids removed, explaining: “I knew what I was doing the whole time. I m*therf*cking went live and embarrassed myself on purpose so y’all could call them people, so they could come get these ugly a** m*therf*cking kids, and guess what? It worked. It didn’t even take them a whole 3 weeks to come get them m*therf*ckers!”

“They came and got ’em, they gone, and I’m happy, n*gg*r. I’m drinking. I’m smoking! Them kids gone!” A few of her viewers supported Rose, with one even asking: “Girl, how do I get them to come get mine?”

“Inbox me,” she responded. “I’ll tell you how to get rid of them m*therf*ckers quick, fast.”

Disturbingly, more than one viewer wanted to have their children taken also, as Rose read off names and asked: “How many you got?” before adding, “Inbox me,” to the people looking for information on how to get their own kids taken away.

When some viewers asked if she was serious, she assured them that she was. She then exclaimed, “I don’t want them kids!”

She gave a shout-out to a sex toy shop and added: “I get to use my m*therf*cking toys without them kids trying to bust down my door!”

She continued smoking and drinking for a few moments before blurting: “F*ck them kids. I’m living life ’cause them kids gone!”

Some questioned the legitimacy of her claims, with those claiming to know her stating that her story couldn’t possibly be true because she only had one child.

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